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About Us

Effective technologies for sustainable products

At MIG, we are passionate about the ‘Healthy Home” and strongly believe our home and work environment should be comfortable and safe.

We care about our planet. Reducing the environmental impact by choosing sustainable building products is not only an ethical choice – but a moral responsibility in our ever evolving society – we are constantly innovating for a healthy and sustainable built environment. 


Our Story

There is also the economical aspect, saving energy saves cost as well. Reducing heat energy transmission by up to 40% without expensive remodeling required is a very smart investment with very short payback periods.

MIG was established in 2001 in Salzkotten, Germany, and have been focusing on providing premium quality and environmentally friendly building material solutions. For more than 20 years, MIG develops and manufactures these key products.

MIG Pacific was established in 2020 in Melbourne to serve the Australasian market. We have completed several projects in various industries, e.g. Aged Care, Heritage listed buildings, Education and residential buildings. While there have been individual drivers to decide on MIG Active Coating (energy saving, health, mould elimination), our customers have been very happy with the results.

Active Coatings based on the Double Hybrid Membrane (DHMb®) principle

Plaster for fire protection and thermal insulation

Chromate (VI) reduction for cement

At our warehouse in Melbourne, we are stocking all MIG coatings and plaster. We can tint here virtually all colours required.

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