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German Lutheran Trinity Church

At MIG, prioritise a healthy, safe and energy efficient environment, whether it is at home, at work or places of leisure.
Our innovative building materials addressing what’s currently most important:

- Thermal comfort

- Energy savings

- Avoiding mould and germs.
At the same time

- ease of installation and

- cost effectiveness are essential too.

Longlasting, natural materials are good for the People and the Planet.

MIG-ESP® Active Coating System is a breathable membrane system with excellent heat insulation properties that lead to significant energy saving and health benefits. It is odourless, VOC free and non-flammable.

Easy to install, applied like paint, it is a very cost effective solution to reduce energy consumption, improve thermal comfort, avoid mould and provide a safe environment.

Key Benefits:
Saving Energy

MIG-ESP improves the R-Value by 20% per surface coated, providing significant energy. On roofs we experience a temperature reduction of approx. 25°C, depending on intensity of the sun.


MIG-ESP has extremely low VOC content, approx. a fifth of the “very low” category of Australian Paint Approval Scheme (APAS) D181

Without any chemicals, the surface is anti-microbial, tested to ISO22196 to be >99% effective

We avoid mould naturally, by keeping surfaces dry, so no mould can grow.



Thermal comfort is increasingly important. Australian homes are notoriously cold and damp.

We all know the feel of sitting next to a cold wall, where all warmth is ‘sucked away’. MIG-ESP minimises the heat energy absorption into a wall, as a result surfaces feel much warmer and the thermal comfort is much improved 

MIG-ESP keeps surfaces dry and avoids latent heat, i.e. that ‘wet-cold’ feeling

A more even temperature distribution within the room is more comfortable



Mineral based, MIG-ESP is non-flammable, tested to EN13501 and DIN4201

German Lutheran Trinity Church
German Lutheran Trinity Church
East Melbourne
1 Hoddle Street, Richmond
1 Hoddle Street
Chisholm Institute, Dandenong, Vic
Chisholm Institute
Dandenong, Vic
130 Bell 20220803_131953.jpg
130 Bell Street
Coburg, Vic
Martin Luther Homes Boronia, Vic
Martin Luther Homes
Apartment building, Salzkotten, Germany
School Canteen in
Salzkotten, Germany
Apartment building, Zaragoza, Spain
Apartment building
Zaragoza, Spain
Apartment East Melbourne (Flat)
Apartment in
East Melbourne, Vic
Townhouse, Germany
Townhouse, Germany
Westring 4, Salzkotten.png
Apartment building
Salzkotten, Germany
ToHa Building, Tel Aviv, Israel
ToHa Building
Tel Aviv, Israel
Siemens, Shanghai, China
Shanghai, China
Swimming Pool, Indian School Dubai, UAE
Swimming Pool
Indian School Dubai, UAE
Zollern-Alb Klinik, German
Zollern-Alb Klinik
Community Rooms, East Melbourne, Vic
Community Rooms
East Melbourne, Vic

what our clients say

We renovated two rooms with MIG ESP Anti-Microbial in September 2022. The climate in the rooms has significantly improved and we feel a positive difference in temperature.

Andreas H., St. Albans, Vic.

In October 2020 we renovated the interior of our heritage listed church as paint was flaking due to moisture in the walls. Walls were cold and there was a musty smell in the church. Using MIG 262 repair plaster and MIG-ESP Interior the walls are now dry and warm. The musty smell is gone. The room climate is noticably improved. The colour was matched to a T, its brilliance enhances the charme and  dignity significantly.

Helmut G., Building Committee, German Lutheran Trinity Church, East Melbourne

MIG gives the F A R  better life feel  to live in

Hans H., Fitzroy, Vic
(June 2023)

In 2015, before we coated a part of our bakery with the Thin Layer Insulation material MIG-ESP Interior, which was developed and manufactured by you, we had to frequently renovate the respective areas.  These are areas with high humidity (i.e. washing up area, parts of the raw material storage area) that are susceptible to mildew stains and mould build up.

Since 2015, which for the past 8 years, we no longer have these problems. It is an excellent success. We have not come across any other material with comparable advantages.

We wish you continued success and are very thankful for the tremendous quality of your product.

Harald L. Bakery Lange, Salzkotten, Germany
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